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Scandinavian GOOSE EUROPEAN QUEEN Down Comforter All-Year 95" x 87" fill power 800 *back in stock*

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  • *back in stock*
  • made in Denmark in a GREEN FACTORY
  • white new European goose, cruelty free and ethically-sourced
  • fill power: 800
  • European queen size 95 x 87 inch (240x220cm)
  • fill weight 37 ounces (1060g)
  • hypoallergenic
  • shell: white 100% high quality batiste cotton, highly breathable, super soft and light finish
  • color: white shell with white sateen piping
  • true baffle-box construction to ensure fullest loft
  • Oeko-Tex 100 on fill and shell
  • free from flame retardant chemicals
  • certificates: NOMITE, Oeko-Tex 100, Class 1, for more information click here
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • conforms to European animal welfare standards, for more information click here
  • conforms to European monitoring and control system for business ethics and social responsibility, for more information click here
  • for matching duvet covers click here
  • added bonus: comes with a classy white sateen storage bag
  • ships free within 24 hours from our US warehouse to US addresses

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Customer Reviews (7)

7 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews Write a Review
  • With hold any judgement till you sleep under it!

    Dec 14th 2020


    Ranch Betty

    I've been using a lower fill (cheaper quality) comforter for many years and wanted something that would keep me warm without an extra blanket, wool socks, hoodie (hood on) with long underwear. When I finally got the comforter (thanks COVID=shipping backlog) I was impressed with the nice storage bag and the high quality of the material on the comforter. Like another reviewer, I was a bit dismayed by the loft. It seemed awfully flat. I imagined a fluffy puffy cloud. I shook it out, put it in the linen duvet cover I bought on Etsy and gave it a go. The good: It IS very warm- I can now wear regular Pj's without extra blanket, socks etc and I am toasty. The less than good: The material on the comforter is crisp and therefore noisy- each time I move or my cat walks on the bed I hear a "crinkle crinkle". However, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend this company/item to others.

  • Good Quality Comforter

    Sep 20th 2020


    mark vontilius

    Purchased the Tinder box, heaviest that is offered. Winter coming and was looking for a warm cover. This seemed less of a fill weight than i had expected. I do not have experience with all down prior to this. Once i allowed the comforter/duvet to rest out of the packaging it was much thicker and has been very warm and breathable. I would recommend this product.

  • Love it! Definitely recommend.

    Oct 12th 2018



    The quality exceeds what I've seen here in the US. Excellent workmanship, fabric and new clean down feathers. I've only had it a month now and it seems like it has puffed up and grown since I first put it on my bed. Is that a thing? Don't know why I waited so long to buy one. With just one blanket and set of sheets I am toasty warm.

  • Wonderful comforter

    Sep 13th 2018


    Alice Lovely

    I love this comforter -- so light-weight, like sleeping under a warm cloud. For me, as a person who cares about the well-being and lack of cruelty toward animals, the fact that this comforter was produced without the plucking of live birds was the major selling point of this brand over others that may well be of equal quality (though I doubt it based on other factors) and why I chose it.

  • Excellent quality comforter

    Aug 5th 2018


    Raisa Baja

    I've always wanted a goose down comforter, and decided to purchase one as I wanted to feel that fluffiness and softness that I feel when I stay at fancy hotels. But I was concerned about how is down actually "produced" . So as soon as I saw the "100% cruelty free" sign and I read more about it, I went straight to pick up the one that would fit better for my bed. No hesitation. So happy with with the purchase!