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Lifetime Guarantee

Rest Assured with our Lifetime Guarantee:

We at European Bliss Inc. / stand 100% behind our down products which are made of the finest materials and to the highest standards by our manufacturer Ringsted Dun in Denmark. Accordingly, we offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all our down comforters and pillows.

Please see the FAQ list below for program details:

What is covered?
- All down products sold by European Bliss Inc. / are covered: down comforters as well as pillows.

How long is a lifetime?
- We are referring to the lifetime of our products; with proper care, Ringsted down comforters should last a minimum of 10 years, or even longer. Down pillows, since they are subject to harder use, should last a minimum of 5 years. Please refer to our 'washing and maintenance guide of down products'.

What issues are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee?
- Any quality issues due to the manufacturing process are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. Possible issues include unusual down leakage, failure of all stitching, border piping, product is not made to specification, or the product is labeled incorrectly.

What issues are NOT covered under our Lifetime Guarantee?
- Issues that are not covered and that void the Lifetime Guarantee include, but are not limited to the following: normal wear and tear, improper care (including wrong cleaning) or, abuse. Stains in general, pet stains, food stains, human bodily fluids, any fluid source, alterations to the product, improper care of the product such as not following cleaning instructions, or damage from any source.

When does our Lifetime Guarantee begin?
- Our Lifetime Guarantee begins on the day that we ship your product to you. The Guarantee also applies retroactively to orders shipped on January 1, 2019, or later.

What do I need to do if I want to make a claim under the Lifetime Guarantee?
- Please contact us by email at and state the reason for your claim. Please submit as much information as possible, including pictures:

- on of each side of the product
- one of the Ringsted Dun company tag attached to the product
- one of the product tag attached to the product
- view(s) of the problem / issue that you are claiming under our Lifetime Guarantee

All original tags must be attached. Proof of purchase is also required in the form of the original order, shipping confirmation, credit card statement, or packing slip. We will attempt to locate your original order if you do not have proof of purchase. We will review your information and respond in a timely manner by email about your issues and if they qualify for coverage.

What do I receive if my down products purchased form European Bliss Inc. / qualifies for the Lifetime Guarantee?
- You will have the option of a replacement of equal merchandise, or store credit for the purchase price (including sales tax paid of the item), excluding original shipping fees, provided that: the item still has useful life left and, the item has been properly cared for, as per our recommendations as described at 'washing and maintenance guide of down products'. Proper care also includes the use of duvet cover / sheets for your down comforter and pillow cases with your down pillow.

Am I responsible for the cost of processing the return of the products?
- Yes, you are responsible for the shipping cost of sending the products back to us. If the returned down products do not qualify for the Lifetime Guarantee, you are responsible for the cost of shipping them back to you.

How do I return the down product under the Lifetime Guarantee?
- Please contact us prior to returning the down products so that we may verify the purchase, first. Following the verification process, pack the down product in a box along with your proof of purchase, reason for claim under the Lifetime Guarantee and your contact information. Ship the box with tracking to the following address:

European Bliss Inc.
531 Main Street #525
El Segundo, CA 90245


Our Lifetime Guarantee is subject to change at any time without prior notification.