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Scandinavian Down Comforters CUIN 800/825

Scandinavian Down Comforters CUIN 800/825

Presenting Ringsted Dun's bestselling line from their Hans Christian Andersen collections, "Tinderbox" and "Brave Tindsoldier" in all-year and lightweight / summer quality. These comforters will bring a luxurious feel to your bed: highest fill power of 800/825 and 100% cotton batiste with a special soft finish let you go to dreamland in no time. Made of finest European white goose down, cruelty free and Oeko-Tex and Nomite certified, and manufactured in Denmark in an environmentally conscious GREEEN FACTORY.

Don't forget: if you and your partner can't agree on a temperature level, you can always get 2 individual duvets, one for the warm, one for the colder sleeper: choose from the lightweight and all-year

Available in all sizes:

European twin 55 x 79 inch
European twin long 55 x 87 inch
US twin 67 x 85 inch
European queen 95 x 87 inch
US queen 90 x 92 inch
European king 102 x 87 inch
US king 108 x 98 inch

Your bedroom will become a luxurious haven of bliss and comfort with our Queen Down Comforter. Manufactured in Denmark in a GREEN FACTORY, we make use of finest European goose down for comforters that are ideal for any season.


Cruelty-free, Oeko-Tex and Nomite certified, our Queen Down Comforter means that you can go to sleep without the guilt. It’s available in both all-year and lightweight/summer variants with a high fill power of 825. Make your bed a place for deep relaxation, comfort and luxury with our comforters today!