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About Us

Why buying from a family-owned business?

a quick story about European Bliss Inc.

Meet the Family:

European Bliss Inc. is a successful family-owned and run company based in Los Angeles, founded in 2008 by Renate Craft. The business just celebrated its 15th anniversary and is now multi-generational: everybody chips in!

Renate worked as a Sales Executive in Germany, traveling quite a bit when she met her husband Stephen on a trip to L.A. in 1997. She moved half across the world and, together they started a family. Everything was perfect...except: Renate missed her beloved down comforters she grew up with. Long story short: Renate put her business degree and her experience in sales to work and became the distributor in the U.S. for Ringsted Dun (Denmark), HansKruchen (Germany), OBB (Blackforest, Germany), Braendl (Germany), Bierbaum (Germany) and Irisette (Germany). Ringsted Dun provides down bedding to the Danish and Swedish Royal Family and:

to quality-minded customers in North America.

Now, the entire Craft family sleeps under beautiful, cruelty-free down comforters - and they are passionate about their products.


All down comforters and pillows are manufactured in Denmark with high quality, animal welfare standards (cruelty free down), human rights and, sustainability in mind.

The Craft family strives to:

- exceed customers' expectations,
- be mindful of the world around us, promoting and living sustainability,
- align with values of quality, authenticity and honesty,
- inspire a new and innovative lifestyle awareness,
- offer competitive and honest prices.

After the success of their existing websites that focus on bedding, their new site became to be: here you can browse for even more unique items from Europe: fun and modern cuckoo-clocks, artistic wine bottle stoppers, woolen flowerpots and many other lifestyle products.

Thank you for your business and referral!

Renate & Stephen Craft
European Bliss Inc.
531 Main Street #525
El Segundo, CA 90245-3060


Buying from a family-owned business can offer several benefits and unique advantages compared to larger corporations or chain stores:


1. We give our customers personalized service: our family prioritizes building relationships with our customers. We can offer a more personalized and attentive service, take the time to understand your needs and provide tailored recommendations. We have a deep knowledge of our products, ensuring a high level of expertise and assistance.


2. Community Support: we are deeply rooted in our local communities. By supporting us, you contribute to the local economy, job creation, and community development. Our company often sponsors local events, schools, or charities, helping to strengthen the community fabric.


3. Unique Products or Services: we specialize in niche markets and offer unique products that you might not find in larger retail chains. We have a strong passion for our prodocts, resulting in high-quality and distinctive offerings.


4. Flexibility and Adaptability: we strive to be more agile and adaptable to market changes compared to large corporations. We quickly respond to customer feedback, adjust our products and services, and implement changes without the bureaucracy and lengthy decision-making processes commonly associated with larger organizations.


5. Long-Term Perspective: we have a long-term perspective on our operation, since we intend to pass the business down to our children, we want to focus on building a sustainable and reputable brand, customer satisfaction, and maintaining a positive reputation within the community.