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Wool Felt Ball Trivet Hot Pad *US FLAG*

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  • * perfect for 4th of July parties*
  • makes a great hostess/host gift for dinner parties
  • flag trivet designs for USA, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
  • handmade 100% wool trivet that gives you a soft and robust feeling. As for all Aveva's wool products, this trivet is made of high quality wool, AZO-free colors and is naturally heat and dirt resistant. Aveva's trivets will protect, decorate and color the table and are designed to have a long life.
  • designed in Sweden by Aveva, made of 100% wool from New Zealand, AZO-free colors from Switzerland, all put together in a socially responsible factory in Nepal, supporting women at work.
  • length / width / height: 9 x 7.5 x 1 inch (23x19x2.5cm)
  • wool is not flammable but can burn, so we recommend using up to 390-420 degrees Fahrenheit (200-220 Celsius)
  • care instructions:
  • hand wash or dry clean. to remove dirt, let it dry and gentle brush it off. Do not wash in machine or natural oils or the wool will be removed.
  • colors are AZO free (no chemicals) and can fade with strong sun light.
  • do not use when wet since colors can fade off to the surface.
  • only use clean pots on the hot pad to avoid stains from the stove.
  • wool is not flammable, but can burn. Therefore we recommend to only use up to 480 degree Fahrenheit
  • ships free within 24 hours from our US warehouse