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Cruelty Free Down

Ethically Sourced Down: Because Cruelty to Animals is Unacceptable.

Ringsted Dun has the utmost respect for animals and will - under no circumstances - accept plucking of live birds!

If you don't know what "live-plucking" means and you have the stomach for it, google it.

This is exactly the reason why Ringsted's suppliers are obliged to provide written guarantee that the fill does not come form live animals.
As an avid member of the cross-disciplinary organization EDFA (European Down & Feather Association), the company takes active part in
promoting animal welfare and consumer interests.

In 2010, members were therefore obliged to meet a traceability requirement and a code of conduct that took a hard line against cruelty to
animals and the so-called 'live plucking". By means of systematic registration, down can now be traced all the way back to the meat
supplier, and the authenticity of the information is checked regularly by neutral experts. For additional information, please refer to EDFA's
own website:

Our manufacturer's down and feathers come exclusively from the EU and are therefore subject to the strictest animal welfare legislation in
the world. To be able to verify that they meet the European animal welfare standards, Ringsted Dun has introduced a complete Traceability
System. This system requires to document where the fill was bought, where the raw materials originate from, how they have arrived at the
company and how they are being used.

The fill is a by-product of the food industry and is purchased directly from slaughterhouses, and it is now possible to trace all shipments from
beginning to end by means of extensive monitoring. By buying only European produce, Ringsted Dun also procures veterinary certificates
documenting that the animals have been treated properly, both during their growth and when slaughtered.

We encourage you, as a consumer, to ask for a guarantee that no down and feathers plucked from live ducks and geese have been used
in the down duvet and pillows you buy.