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European / Scandinavian Home Decor / Holiday Gifts

European / Scandinavian Home Decor / Holiday Gifts

From Malmö with love! Scandinavian Design Home Decor. Aveva has retaken the hand felted wool into the living area while keeping an old tradition alive. The combination and contrast of wood and wool has become a core part of the trademark, but they use and get inspired by other materials, as long as it is natural and friendly to the environment. Add to your style with these conversation starters.

Designed in Sweden, using azo free colors from Switzerland and ecological wool from New Zealand. All put together in Nepal in a socially responsible factory, supporting women at work.

The perfect party gift and, host / thank you gift for holiday parties!

Free shipping within the US.

These stylish kitchen trivets are handmade of 100% wool that gives a soft and robust feeling. As for all Aveva's wool products, this trivet is made of high quality wool, AZO-free colors and is naturally heat and dirt resistant. These trivets will protect, decorate and color the table and are designed to have a long life.

Add to the design of your table setting with different colors, sizes and styles.

Free shipping within the US.


Bottle Sleeve Cooler (made of wool)


Do you like to serve your red or white wine at perfect temperature? This 100% wool sleeve is designed to keep the temperature of your beverage exactly as. you like it, and brings a wonderful vibe to the table. A creative host/hostess gift idea for the holidays!

Aveva’s flowerpots are handmade in 100% wool with a soft and round shape that gives a unique and beautiful expression. The inside is coated with natural rubber that makes the flowerpot waterproof. Follow care instructions below to keep the natural rubber in shape.

Free shipping within the US.

Handmade jar made of wool, and a lid of cork. A natural storage for your smaller possessions. Perfect wherever you need a stylish solution for storing away your trinkets. In the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom for your jewelry, or wherever you choose. With the beautiful soft blend of two colors together and the cork lid, this jar is not only a place to put away your stuff, it’s a beautiful decoration in your home. Choose between different color combinations.

Free shipping within the US.

Inspired by mountain peaks, this wool vase is a happy little home for fresh flowers. A balanced mix of wool, sand and glass makes the vase stable & waterproof.

Looks beautiful as table decoration.

Material: 100% wool / glas / sand
size depth/height: 2.2 x 4.7 inches

Free shipping within the US.

With long and strong handles, this wool basket is not just enhancing the room you put it in, but also very useful to collect blankets, toys, firewood or other items in need of organization.

Diameter: 16 inches
Height: 14 inches
Weight: a little under 2 pounds
Material: 100% wool, swedish leather

Free shipping within the US.

Those little pixies from the north are here to bring good and whimsical vibes during festive seasons!  They like to gather in groups and enjoy standing in the center of attention as a family of 3.

Take a look at other handmade items for your Christmas tree, or just beautiful Scandinavian holiday gift ideas, such as Gingerbread man, reindeers or, Santa Claus ornaments made of wool - as eco-friendly Christmas decoration.


Free shipping within the US.



"CorkHeads" (Korkenkoepfe) are handcrafted wine stoppers, made in Germany by Renate Ellereit-Laube, a sculptor and artist. Put on a table on a bottle, those heads quickly become a conversation piece.


A great party or holiday gift for you next dinner invitation!