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Childrens Down Comforters & Pillows

Childrens Down Comforters & Pillows


Here's your last chance at getting our toddler down comforters and pillows:

Down comforter and pillows filled with fine European goose and duck down, Ringsted's "Kiddy" series has been developed for children aged one to seven years.
It can still be used in a "big bed" or, you then upgrade to our European Twin comforter. The products create a warm, yet not too warm sleeping environment and are new and clean inside and out.

All products are Oeko-Tex and Downafresh certified and house dust mite-proof in accordance with Nomite certification. All duvets are packed in a cute Teddybear storage bag, which is a perfect travel bag so your little one does never need to go anywhere without his or her blanket!

All comforters and pillows can be machine washed and put into the dryer (medium heat, please)

Infant safety: for babies under 12 months, the CPSC, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institute of Child and Health Development recommend to remove all pillows and quilts from cribs and beds. For more information please refer to
We strongly recommend that you do NOT allow babies to sleep with a down comforter, pillow or featherbed or any products bought from Pinkandbluekid, LLC. We will not knowingly sell a down or bedding product that will be used by an infant.